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Custom molding solution,
By the professional team to provide service

Yoga mat forming industry standardization production and product design

Dozens of industry well-known enterprises or institutions partners

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  • Technology innovationWe are more professional

    With European and American advanced technology, outstanding product characteristics collection industry

  • Environmental protection and energy savingWe are more environmental protection

  • More time and DurableWe are more strict

    Reference to the standard and concept of developed countries and the production,
    Strictly control the use advanced technologies

  • Economic performanceOur cost-effective

    Cost-effective, over the ten years of customer testimonials
    The choice of 300+ customers around the world

  • Professional guidanceWe are more assured

    Product service instruction, a yoga mat in manufacturing enterprises
    The industry's elite team

  • Scope of applicationWe have a more

    Provide all kinds of yoga mat forming and production plan,
    Customized service

National high and new technology enterprise,
Strong technical

With a known yoga mat production technology and process of the talent team

Mastered the advanced yoga MATS products production technology

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About Us

About Us

Established in 2002, SOL RUBBER is a company integrating design, research and development, and foundry. Focus on rubber and plastic products, TPE Yoga Mat, Cork TPE Yoga Mat, PVC Yoga Mat, Linen PVC Yoga Mat, Natural Rubber Yoga Mat, Cork Rubber, Yoga Mat, PU Rubber Yoga Mat, Suede Rubber Yoga Mat, NBR Yoga Mats, EVA yoga mats, and yoga supplies. In order to meet the different needs of customers, we often stock original plates of various specifications, colors and materials. Yoga mats are also a great tool, perfect for yoga, Pilates, meditation, and strength training. Help young children learn to wa...

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